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(b. 1998. Guadalajara, Jalisco). Mexican industrial designer and visual artist, who met art at a young age almost by accident, leading him the path of a creative life. Chavis started his journey in 2018 as a member of the exhibition “Jóvenes Pintores de Jalisco” (Jalisco’s Young Painters), assembling the state’s most prolific emerging talents at the “Hospicio Cabañas” Museum, and being accepted at the University of Gudalajara Design School at the same time. 

His work is based on deconstructing bidimensional images into the three basic composition units: point, line and plane,  by replicating and, manipulating and placing these elements throughout space, creating complex compositions ironically built in a simple way: abstract artworks bordering figurative, unravelled by the viewer based on a mental association of shapes and colors. 

Female figures and floral nature are recurring subjects on his painting and installation works, as well as abstract conceptual compostions related to color and design theory.


2018 – Industrial Design. Universidad de Guadalajara.

2021 – Mixed media workshop.  Escuela de Artes de Jalisco.


2018 – Jóvenes pintores de Jalisco, Hospicio Cabañas Museum. Guadalajara, Jalisco, MX.

2021 – Salón de Otoño, Adriana Valdés Gallery. Guadalajara, Jalisco, MX.